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Steve Elston

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The Indianapolis area has a wide variety of Assisted Living and Rehabilitation Centers.  They do a good job of meeting the daily needs of Indianapolis' elderly, but are challenged to provide residents with a positive quality of life.  As a former Board-Certified Music Therapist and Graduate of Michigan State University in 1992 with a Bachelor's degree in Music Therapy, I work daily to help meet the needs of not only seniors, but with anyone with music programs to help improve Wellness and Quality of Life through live performance, where I perform popular songs in their original keys and tempos and interact with residents.  Benefits include improved memory function, task attendance, cognitive functioning, immune system, and increase of positive feelings through an interactive music experience to socialize and reminisce.  Music actively stimulates both sides of the brain and promotes increased brain activity.  Listening to and enjoying familiar music is extremely important in helping those with Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease, but everyone at every age enjoys music and how it makes us feel.  In my hourly interactive programs I sing and play guitar, keyboard, or saxophone, with background accompaniment or unaccompanied.  I use today's top Bose Sound Systems and I can enhance my program by showing a slideshow on a large screen TV with photos related to the theme.  I change my programs, appearance, and instrumentation every month according to the changing holidays and seasons of the year.  Having done this work full-time as a self employed travelling Music Therapist since 2002, many facilities also hire me for Seasonal Concerts, Monthly Birthday Parties, Marketing Events, Family Nights, and Special Occasions.  I DJ Employee Holiday Parties as Indy Best DJ, provide free performances for Churches and provide music, P.A., and emcee for Community Groups for Fundraisers and Cultural Events.

Bachelor's Degree in Music Therapy from Michigan State University in 1992

Board-Certified Music Therapist #04317 Jan. 1994 to Dec. 1998

Senior Care Entertainer, local performer and owner of Indy Best DJ and Indy Best Entertainment


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